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Do you ever think about the way technology has evolved over the years? When technology was fairly new in the early days, it took days to carry out a single task which usually created problems for the people of that era. For example, if one had to send a letter to somebody, it usually took 4 to 5 days for the letter to get delivered. Today, you can send texts within minutes of your phone by tapping your screen. However, it was challenging to convert your ideas into writing within minutes as many tech organizations hustled and dedicated their entire lives to create a different era, an era in which we live today. Sony is one of those early tech organizations that shaped how we enjoy our lives today without facing any disturbances. Speaking of which, I have dedicated this blog to Sony. We will learn more about the organization, its history and the products you can buy this winter season from their online store. So, without further ado, let`s get straight down to business.

The History Of Sony, And How It Came Into Existence?

In 1946, Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita had the vision to create a modern world full of new ideas and convenient living. Both men promised themselves to put their brilliant ideas into action. Since then, they have remained dedicated to their futuristic ideas and led our generation to a world full of technology. At first, the company was named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo K.K and only had 20 employees. The founders aimed to create a stress free atmosphere for all the workers in the organization, thus eliminating the concept of organisational hierarchy. Where anybody could openly share their ideas about creating a modern new world and promoting Japanese culture. Besides this, the company had only one mantra: `do what has to be done`. Since then, Sony has left its mark on the world by selling their products labelled under the thread `world`s first` and `Japan`s first`.

Environment Initiatives Implemented By Sony

Although Sony`s main initiative was to create a modern world full of technology, they wanted to achieve these goals without compromising the environment`s health. Sony has promoted many activities to promote a stress free environment, in which their employees regularly promote this motive. These activities include the `Road to Zero` environmental plan and `Green Management 2020` environmental targets that were also regarded as the year`s achievement for the organization.

5 Best Sellers Featured On Sony`s Website


Alpha 7R III with 35mm Full Frame Image Sensor

It would feel absurd not to include Sony in the camera conversation as its origin falls right in Sony`s history. This brings my attention towards the new Alpha 7R III. It lets you capture your life moments with high resolution and 4K enabled videos. Regarding its specifications, the camera consists of a 45 MP 35mm full frame Exmor R CMOS sensor, enhanced image processing, and 10 frames per second of continuous video movement, making you feel like you have been dreaming the scenario all along! On the other hand, the camera provides hand support that doesn`t make you feel uncomfortable while shooting a video.

Bravia Xr

Having an elite level television for your TV lounge is everyone`s dream, which brings me to the new Sony Bravia XR. That is an extravagant looking 75 inch TV and would add another star to your luxurious lounge if you have decided. The television has bright colours with 4K ultra HD focus that allows you to watch new movies and games in high resolution with the whole experience. Besides this, the television runs on the latest android software through which you can access the latest social media apps. If you are looking for a tv with all the credentials, the new Sony Bravia XR could be a great choice.

Wh 1000xm5 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

During this winter season, many stores are selling their featured headphones under the label of noise proof. But let`s be honest, most headphones have the worst sound quality, and what`s more ironic is that these headphones do not prevent noise from the outside from entering your ears. The new Sony headphones are excellent and give HD sound quality even on a higher volume. So, if you want to ignore the world full of stress with headphones on, head to Sony to buy yourself a pair of headphones.

Stereo Microphone For Multi Interface Shoe

The latest tech and gears have provided more room for earning a passive income. That said, if you are a fan of vlogging and are looking forward to making a name for yourself in this field, then Sony will definitely make your dream come true with the new stereo microphone. The microphone has the following specifications, which include 0 to 120 degrees of sound capture that allows you to prevent wind noise from entering your video. Besides this, the brand new stereo microphone is incredibly light, enabling you to attach it to your clothing without feeling uncomfortable.

The Brand New PlayStation 5

Perhaps the best selling and the most talked about product in the market. If you are a die hard gamer looking forward to getting rid of your old generation console, switching to the brand new PlayStation 5 is the best decision you can ever make. The PlayStation 5 can run games on more than 60 FPS, an improvement from its predecessor. Besides this the new gaming console comes with a list of exciting Sony exclusives, such as, God of war, uncharted, last of us etc. Apart from this, you can now run discs of the previous consoles introduced in the market earlier. Hence, if you are an avid gamer looking for an all in one package, go for the New PlayStation 5.

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