Best Movies of 2017

We all want something that is best and best option to entertain us at any cost. Are you tired of your vacations? Want to entertain yourself for the fullest joy of the time. You always want to watch something which most hilarious and entertaining on the weekends. Weekends are usually boring and full of tiredness. We want a break out and chill with friends or family. It’s good to make memories, discover and spend time with your family and friends.  We all want some best movies for the weekends. To finalize the film we need to have maintained a complete research on a daily basis like watching the trailer. Most of the people want a masterpiece to watch on the weekends. Movies are something which is beyond from our imagination, and that is what we want. Every person likes a different kind of films, and it differs from person to person choice. We have maintained a proper list of best movies of 2017, which are most awaited and anticipated before 2017. Here are these best movies.


       Wonder Women (2017)

Wonder Women counted under the best movies of the year of 2017. Wonder Women based on the fantasy, science, and fiction. A fantasy like women can have superpowers, as she can fly, she can have super power like she can solve anything. This movie is just beyond from your imagination. Before a she becomes a wonder women the main character of the film, she was the princess of Amazons, she trained as the unbeatable warrior. From the childhood, she lived on the island which based on fantasy. After some time, she comes to know the wars that were happening outside of her world; she goes to end all these wars. After this battle, she comes up with her superpowers. The box office record of the movie was 816.3 million USD, and the budget was 149 million USD. When a pilot leaves the crashing plane and tells about the problems in the outside world, Diana a warrior leaves her place to fight for a war and discovered her full power and destination.  The direction and performance were praised in the end and many people also criticized it. Wonder woman is the fifth largest successful movie of the year. It was shown in the cast that Diana is the daughter of the queen who lived in the hidden island of Themyscira. 

Logan (2017)

Logan is declared as the best movie of the year of 2017. Most of the best movies of the year of 2017 were based on sci-fi, fantasy, imagination, intelligence, and on many things. The director of this film was James Mangold. He directed terrific movies like Knight and Day, Logan, The Wolverine and many more movies which have a box office record of more than 500 million USD. This film based on to protect the girl from the dark forces that want to capture the young lady which is very much like him in powers and other factors as well. The budget of this movie was 97 million USD, and the box office record was 616.8 million USD. It is a re-written screenplay by Scott Frank and Michael Green. It was premiered in the 67th Berlin International Festival in February 2017. The film received positive response from the watchers and critics. All music is composed by Marco Beltrami. This movie is a masterpiece following rhythm composed by amazing composer in its time.

The Fate of Fast Furious (2017)

This film declared as a 3rd best movie of the year of 2017. This movie based on the crime, robbery, thrill, action, conspiracy, intelligence and what not. This movie is full of facts. Those who love action, this film is made for them. In this movie, there is a character of Cipher who tried to ruin the family in this movie by forcing Dom to betray all of the family members. All other members are reunited to get back Dom who created this family and to eliminate Cipher. The budget was 250 million USD; box office was 1.163 billion USD. Imagine yourself watching the 3rd best movie of the year in a dark cinema with pleasant environment, but don’t forget to take a popcorn and drink along. There was a mysterious lady who seduced Dom and brought him into the world of terrorism and a betrayal. It was a west side story inspired with cars instead of singing. Racer X inspired the idea to make a movie. The project was legally called “fast and the furious”. Point break and fast and the furious many people feel like these two movies are alike because of the real life hotel in the pacific coast highway in Malibu. A top rapper, Eminem wanted to play a main role in the movie but Paul Walker was then selected. Even the leading character Vin Diesel took admission in Stunt School, for ruling the camera and for becoming a pro.


Is is an American supernatural horror movie which was pretty famous during the year. It was premiered in Los Angeles on 29th September 2014 and was thetrically available on 3rd October 2014. It was a great success grossing over 256 million budgeting only 6.5 million. Now it was a great earning. Many people liked and appreciated the hard work, some criticized it and talked negatively. It started with a story of John Form, who presented a doll named Annabelle to his expectant wife Mia for adding that doll in the collection of their child. Higgins was murdered during home invasion and paranormal activities continued from there. Mia examined that the cult practiced the worshipping demon and the story continued from here. There were several paranormal, spiritual and haunted acts following by the doll. The film was made to serve the craving lovers of horror movie “The Conjuring”. The director reported that the set was haunted and the actors were aware of the haunted acts and supernatural phenomenon.  


Written By: Alizaay Waseem

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