Are You Flooded With Fashion

Are You Flooded With Fashion

`Fashion is an art and you are the Canvas`

In today`s fashionable world, your outlook and personality speaks more about you than you. It has become really important just to keep yourself fashionable, up to date and making sure you`re following the occurring and latest trends. Believe it or not but somehow you`ve fashion in your daily life. Fashion is all about making daily choices for clothes, shoes, bags, mobiles and accessories. The way you present yourself is fashion. The way you carry yourself is fashion. People think fashion is only about buying and carrying brands in different forms, but actually not. It is not only about brands but it is about how you carry those things with you even if they`re not branded. It is expressing yourself with the following trends. It enhances you, your life, your personality and everything that gives you pleasure, and we believe it is worth doing if it makes you happy.

Some of the factors which makes you fashionable are as follows:


`Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them with passion for fashion`

Dressing sense, taste in clothes, color choice, styling and most importantly how you carry them express a lot about you. Whether you are male or female, your dressing choice will affect both your self-image and the impression that you want to convey to others. Having a business meeting with someone and wearing sweat pants will give the perception to other that you don`t care about your appearance, while meeting and wearing a fashionable dress you will come as a happy, confident and energetic individual, it will definitely help you increase your performance. We bear some social values and we`re influenced by our ancestors, but it is also necessary to dress up with the current emerging trends. It is believed that the apparel industry is tend to have monopolistic competition because if something has emerged, it will be followed by everyone.


`A journey of a thousand miles begin with a fashionable pair of shoes`

Despite clothing, footwear influences on fashion greatly. Comfortable and fashionable footwear toned with clothing plays integral part in expressing yourself. Dirty and stained shoes make you unconfident, uneasy and nervous whether your dressing is up to mark or not. So, begin with comfortable and fashionable shoes, start chasing your dreams. It is widely researched and noted point that whenever you go for an interview, they start looking you from your feet that is your shoes. Shoes you wear shows what kind of nature you bear. We understand that psychographics plays a vital role in consumer`s preferences. There could be various styles and designs of shoes in the market, the one you choose, buy and wear on a certain event shows how fashionable you are. You should also consider the comfortableness, just don`t copy others create your own.


`Life is not perfect, but your hairstyle can be`

Hair are one of the most crucial part of the human body, which adds beauty to the personality of an individual. Your hairstyle must be trendy and suit your face and hair. Good hairstyle helped many celebrities to gain a massive amount of followers and admirers. So, why settle for an ordinary hairstyle when you can look better with a fashionable one? It`s not necessary that every kind of hairstyle will suit on your face. It merely depends upon the face cut and the kind of dress you wear. Makeup should also be compatible enough when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. Moreover, it also depends upon the kind of hair you have.                                                                          

Fashion Accessory:

`Fashion accessories are always the exclamation point of an individual outfit`

Fashion accessories are the supplement items that add beauty to the overall dressing. Such as wrist watches, handbags, belts, caps, jewelry, scarfs etc. The key to style actually lies in accessories. Accessories are vitamins to fashion, so use them and live a fashionably healthy life. Accessories should be bold and decent. It should be according to the requirements of fashion industry. If you wear signature accessories, it enhances your personality and outlook more. The power and status is also reflected through the accessories you wear. The choice of your accessory determines your personality more than anything else. It is worn for the public space, therefore it should meet the requirement of the current era and fashion.


`When words fail, Music speaks`, said Shakespeare.

Music gives us a way to express ourselves and show how we feel inside ourselves that usually people fail to see. Your taste in the music is probably the biggest influence on your fashionable life style. Fans of specific genre tend to adopt their uniforms and styles to find themselves in them. It is actually a gateway to the world of style and fashion. The songs you listen to while travelling, on a road trip or even at your leisure time at home shows your taste and lifestyle. Music is surrounded by your taste and preference, again every person might choose and listen to songs which suits their nature best and which gives them a soothing touch and feel. If you consider yourself as a fashion diva, you must enrich your playlist with fashionable yet cool songs.


`Behavior is the essential part of fashion`

The way you walk, talk and interpret yourself is included in your behavior. The values you bear and the attitude you wear reflects your fashion and taste. Every individual has different preferences when it comes to fashion. It is something which is emerging and in trend. The way you interact and influence others by yourself is your behavior of fashion. Another little yet meaningful thing is how you behave after following certain fashion. The way you carry it determines your behavior. Therefore, fashion can not only influence what we wear. On the contrary, it influences the way we live and carry ourselves in the surrounding.

Do it Now!

`Fashion is an armor to survive the reality of everyday life`

 There`s no doubt that fashion is a powerful instrument people have been using for hundreds of years to differentiate between them and those who don`t care about fashion. We can say that there is a lot of competition in brands but the same fashion is followed by everyone in the same industry. The fashion society is dominant and easy to be adopted by anyone. The fashion competition does not ask you to neglect the freedom of choice. So begin today, and get yourself flooded with fashion that is emerging and is leading the way.



Written by: Alizaay Waseem

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