Are You A Chocolate Lover

Are You A Chocolate Lover?

`Anything is good, if it is made up of chocolate` (Jo Brand)

Are you feeling depressed? Are you anxious? Are you worried about something? If yes, don`t need to worry, buy a chocolate bar, wrap it out, and eat it all. Believe it or not, it is way more effective than any medication. It is a natural healer.

Chocolate has become one of the most famous, addicted and used ingredient in the world. Chocolate is made up of cocoa trees. Farming of cocoa trees can occur in tropical climates. Either consumption of chocolate is healthy or not has been a warm topic for a long period of time. There is no doubt that over intake of any item cause certain problems, but if you consume chocolate perfectly it will come with numerous health benefits. If it is consumed regularly in small amount, you won`t need any basic medication for some basic diseases. It is not a guilty pleasure at all, it has a bucket full of nutrient and health benefits.

There are multiple types of chocolate, such as white chocolate, brown chocolate, dark chocolate and unsweetened chocolate. It is blend with other ingredients like milk, condensed milk, sugar, vanilla and butter to make other types of chocolate. Following are some of the major health benefits that chocolate provides.

1.     Warrior against depression

`Never ever underestimate the power of a chocolate`.

Recent researches have shown that more than 300 million people from every age are suffering from depression, and is a major factor in causing different disease. Chocolate actually helps you fight against depression because of its major component known as `Theo bromine`. It is found in the cocoa beans. It boosts your energy, help you maintain your blood pressure and activates your blood cells. Who does not want to stay away from all sought of depression? Chocolate has got an energy which no other thing has got. It can change your mood from extremely low to enthusiastically high. There is no possible evidence that a chocolate can be harmful for your health. Chocolate in various flavors can change your mood into `everything is going good. `

2.     Agent against Diabetes

`Chocolate don`t ask silly questions, it understands`.

It does! It may be surprising, but medical science has proved that chocolate helps you control your diabetes. Cocoa beans helps positively to modulate the diabetic system of human body. If you want to prevent diabetes, eat low sugar dark chocolate in small amount regularly, you won`t need to have diabetic medications then for sure. You don`t need to think even once before eating a chocolate. It cannot harm you in any way. If you are having or facing a serious health issue such as diabetes, there`s nothing to worry about. You don`t need to say bye to the chocolate. Yes! You don`t need to say bye to chocolates. Even chocolate will keep you away from diseases and diabetes. Don`t consider yourself as a patient. Feel the colors and taste the flavors of life.

3.     Heart Supporter

`Chocolate makes everything better`.

Yes! Chocolate definitely makes everything better even if it is your heart too. Chocolate has the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and raise good one. Cholesterol has direct connection with the functioning of heart, and this ability of chocolate helps improving heart functioning, and lead to the prevention of heart strokes or attacks. Chocolates reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. A long term studies show that it acts fairly in improvement of heart regulation. Studies also forecast that eating an ample amount of chocolate can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death by 50% for 15 years. Isn`t it a miracle? Consuming a single thing daily can save your life up to its most?

4.     Nourish Brain functions

`A Chocolate a day keeps bad moods away`.

Ever feel dull, half-hearten, in active? Having mood swings frequently? Just eat a small piece of chocolate and you`ll feel energetic, enthusiastic, active and lively. It happens because studies have proven that elements found in cocoa beans improves brain functioning, causing greater control over your brain, improved level of awareness. Most importantly, it proves your cognitive functioning. A study shows that if you`re consuming a high-flavone cocoa that`s probably dark chocolate, your brain function improves and it improves the flow of blood towards the brain. It improvises your cognitive skills and mental impairment. Cocoa can improve brain function in short term. If you constantly eat dark chocolate, it is more likely to give you a better cognitive function.

5.     Potential Cancer Protection

`Chocolate can cure you from every possible disease only if you`re willing to get apart from it. `

Do you want to prevent yourself from cancer and make adequate measures for stop letting it in? Surely yes. Health is wealth and it is your responsibility to take due care of yourself. Chocolate if eaten weightily can benefit you in various aspects. It can facilitate your health and can prevent you from emerging diseases and deadly symptoms. Moreover, it can lower the risk of cancer and heart diseases. A chocolate contains an ample amount of soluble fiber which is absolutely good for health. Eat chocolate which keeps your health fit and mood cherish. Chocolate is the best solution for preventing yourself from cancer and other such diseases.

Conclusively, all these benefits are sufficient to make anyone a chocolate lover and these benefits are also essential for survival with great taste. You can`t buy happiness but you can buy a chocolate, and that`s kind of same thing. Yes! chocolate is happiness. It is highly appreciable if you are presenting chocolates to the person you love. Your love and bonding becomes more reliable when you share your chocolate bar or the chocolate at the end of the cone with someone.  So eat chocolate stay healthy and be a chocolate lover. As you`re aware of some of the benefits of chocolate, so add some sweetness to your life with the help of chocolate and keep yourself healthy, wealthy and wise.


Written by: Alizaay Waseem

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