Apartment Living

Apartment Living

Making life decisions is very important in every one`s life. And the most important life decision is about shelter which is the basic need. Home is where you rest at night when you come from all day hectic works, home is where you keep your elder’s memories and live therein, where you listen your new born baby cry. So, it is important to make appropriate life decision about shelter. In today’s fast paced world, where affordability has become a serious concern for majority of the people in the world, and also the lack of resources has become a concern for under developed and developing countries, in such complex the apartment living is playing the role of a facilitator for both.

Apartment is basically a group of flats designed to form a single residence where diversified people are living. Apartment living is simply a different life style than other living styles. It has its own dimensions, complications, requirements and its own joys with numerous benefits. Like every life style it has its pros and cons too. But the way population and expenses are increasing, apartment living has more pros than cons.  Following are some of the benefits of living in the apartments.

Financial Benefit Which Enhances Saving

First and foremost, benefit of living in the apartment is the financial aspect of renting. If living in the apartment on rent, it is way cheaper than a mortgage. In contrast to overall monthly payment, other financial components such as keep up and utilities are usually lower because of the smaller space and the overall responsibility to the landlord. It also provides space in monthly income to save some money from the income for the purchase of own property in future. You don`t have to spend a lot on the expenditure and your apartment. This enhances your savings that you can go for your dreams and pursue them after saving. Financial aspect is the first concern of every family nowadays because the emerging challenges and expenses has made the life difficult and expensive. What could be more fascinating than the place where you have bundle of benefits yet you have to pay and spend less? You can save a lot of money for fulfilling your other dreams like having a luxurious car or travelling and exploring the beautiful world.  

Less Responsibility of Maintenance

Since the overall responsibility of maintenance and utilities are generally lower because they fall on the landlord`s shoulder. It not only results in financial blessings, but it also provides ease because of less things to maintain for in a tight schedule. The piece of mind related with the mental freedom of renting and less maintenance is priceless. The best thing is that you don`t have to worry about the maintenance even if you own an apartment the maintenance won`t cost that much as that of owning a big house and keeping due care of it. When you`re living in an apartment, life becomes easy and shared. You are living with hundreds of different families who own the apartment just as you. Whatever maintenance has incurred every member representing and owning or living in your apartment have to contribute in the expenditure. So there`s a shared concept of maintenance and you don`t have to pay it all. You are free from many responsibilities and don`t have to worry about the maintenance.

Convenience at Each Step

Apartments are generally build with specific facilities such as swimming pool, gym, tuck shops, grocery stores and laundry shops in the premises, or at the very close to the residence. Although you can build these facilities in your houses, but the financial aspect always makes a big difference. Building and maintaining such facilities is no doubt expensive and hectic too. Apartment living can provide way more convenient and economical living arrangements. This could be the greatest benefit of living in an apartment. If you`re getting bored and want to indulge yourself in some mind blowing activities, then you have some indoor options which are free of cost. You don`t have to worry about the travelling distance because every fun and exciting activity is available at your doorsteps or within your zone. Another convenience is parking, now you don`t have to worry about your car and don`t have to hassle for the parking. The parking is available and is allotted to you initially by the owner. When a shopkeeper knows that hundreds of families are living here he would love to establish his business here. It will be an ease for you at every step.

Safety Goes Your Way

Home owners always spend some money for their security, and all the security expenses falls on individual owner. Whereas, apartments invest on their overall apartment security, but due to many house owners, the security expenses decreased and fall less on each owner. Especially for women and children, living in apartment surrounded by many flats and people is way safer than living alone in the house. A collective expenditure which is divided and cost you very little which surely goes your way. A guard or number of guards are assigned to look after the security concerns of your apartment. Hiring a personal guard or security could lead you towards an expensive way. But here the security is distributed and on its best. The collective sharing of salary reduces your burden to pay more. You are safe and secure and nobody could even enter your apartment or even think to harm you. What else you want other than a collective share and security which keeps you away from all sought of worries?

Interactive Community

A great benefit of apartment living is the providing the sense of society and community. Living in a close proximity helps connecting people and building relationships with each other. Whereas, living in a house without know what’s going on in the neighbor in case of any emergency creates the relationships gaps and demotivates the sense of community and neighborhood. When you interact with people, you get the exposure and meet different kinds of people. Every person could be beneficial for you if you know how to maintain good and healthy relations. You are then affiliated with the community you belong to and to the place where you live. Your social circle increases, there`s not a single time when you’ll feel alone or sad. Everyone is there for your support and care. People living in an apartment consider themselves as a family who needs to take care of each other`s needs and emotions. Remember, interacting with diversified people will enhance your skills and will give you a great experience of people.

An Opportunity to Make New Friends

Whenever you are shifting to a new apartment or even if you’re being brought up in the apartment, you have a bundle of opportunities such as creating new friends. You got to meet with new people and your interaction starts there. You become residents, neighbors and soon friends. The memories which you bear with your childhood friends are irreplaceable. Friends are a basic essential and best part of life. You share the deepest secrets of your life with your friends which you cannot share with anyone else.  Friends are the best part of your life which you feel the most at your emotional level. You have plans and dreams which you want to fulfill with your friends. What about having a best friend who lives in your apartment and can meet you 24/7 a day? Isn’t it amazing? You just need to enjoy your childhood, loose the fear of creating new friends and go for the best kind of experiences. You may also create a football or a cricket team as per your desires because a lot of children of your age are also looking forward for the same thing.


Safety comes first and it should be prioritized as first. You don`t have to invest separately on the security concern. If you`re living in an apartment, you`ll surely get facilitated with the security alert which will make you feel safe and secure within the range of your apartment. See it`s a complete package and it leads you towards numerous benefits. Security is the basic need every individual seek before booking any apartment or home. It is often considered that multi-unit swelling comes up with best sought of security. Uncertainties can occur anytime, you just need to keep yourself ready and full of evidence. The life at apartment is of great fun. There`s a threat if you are living alone like single woman, or single parent or with children or even if you`re a small family, apartment which looks good is a must go for option. What about having an apartment which gives you an opportunity to feel relax and secure along with safety. It also allows you to be financially settle and gives you less burden for the maintenance and responsibility also gives you convenience at each step.



Written by: Alizaay Waseem

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