10 Most Beautiful Places of the World

10 Most Beautiful Places of the World 

The world is full of beautiful places which every human wants to explore and witness. Every part of the world is witnessed to be amazing just the way it is. It is the ultimate desire of a person to explore one`s country, its native countries and the entire world. If you have time and wealth, you can do anything and nothing will stop you from doing it. The most difficult task is from where to start. The beautiful places are comprising of both manmade and natural places. How can you decide which highest dreamy mountains, longest valley, a beautiful lake, or greenery is the most beautiful and it is worth going? Certainly, you cannot distinguish and decide any one. Both or few of you will disagree and some of you will agree. In this situation, the survey and feedback is the best option one can go with. Moreover, there are ancient parks which attracts millions of tourist worldwide every year. There are some high cliffs which are the center of attention for the visitors and contributes the most in tourism. The fact is that we don`t have enough time to explore the entire world in our little life. The world is blessed with breathtaking views, cliffs, rivers, lake, building, sculptures, architecture, lakes, mountains, nature essentials and many more things which could not be counted singly here. If you have those resources and time, pay a visit to all these beautiful places where you may find peace and feel yourself as loved.

The best kind of travelling is ecological travelling. Where you have to climb the mountains, exploring the desserts, or simply exploring the main centers and beauty of a country. When you`re viewing and witnessing the world`s sight, it is of great value and satisfaction. You should consider yourself blessed of having the opportunity to decide where to go because some people can`t even think about it. Some people are so fond of travelling that whenever they get a bundle of time, they start travelling. On the contrary, there are those who consider it useless and unnecessary and wastage of time and money. There are some breathtaking places you must visit for adding value to your bucket and portfolio of travelling diaries. You surely need target destinations for your travel diaries. These are as under:

1)  The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Love Reef Island? If you`re a sea lover and want to explore more of an ocean and sea, this is the best place to visit. It has the largest collection of reefs all over the world. Ever witness something which could be seen through the earth? Isn`t it amazing? It is expanding over 1400 miles. Naturally designed The Great Barrier Reef is among the 7 wonders of natural world. Millions of sea creatures could be found here. It is deep and beautiful. If you love to dive and want to explore the diving destinations and talking to the fishes and other water creatures, this should be the top of your list place. It comprises full of underwater life where you will see the world like never before. If you love to explore the underwater sea and loves diving, this could be the best place so far. It leads you to the utmost level of please and pleasure.

2) The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Included in the ancient wonder world, the pyramids are of its own beauty. It is the largest man made tallest structure for almost 3800 years back. It is all man made. Can`t believe right? It is a definitely must go place, where you`ll discover the ancient structures and many more monuments. It is the oldest and largest ancient structure present today. Located in the Libyan River, 9 km west of River Nile. 3 massive complexes are known as The Pyramids, surrounded by the massive sculpture known as `Great Sphinx`. Along with these large and small pyramids, another beautiful and ancient pyramid namely `Queen`s Pyramid` is of great tourism and importance. If you`re interested in discovering the history and learning more about the ancient world and civilization, a sure visit is required to The Pyramids of Giza located in Egypt.

3)  Stonehenge, Amesbury, England

You might have seen this famous place in movies or on the desktop background of your personal computers. A beautiful sight consists of 25 piles of stones. You can witness the breathtaking view of sunset between the two pillars, which is like never before. It is a ring of standing stones, which is 6ft high and weighting 25 tons. It was a burial ground in the beginning, later it converted into blue stoned monument. The purpose of building these stones are still a mystery. The top attraction outside the London is of huge attraction and mystical. It is an adventure you can`t miss being in London and huge old stones and witness the old beauty of the world. Don`t take this hard work for granted, a visit is must to a wonderful place where the stones are located in the middle of nowhere. For getting the instant chills and surrounding yourself with the hype of the place, go and spend a day there. Discover it yourself with your reasoning.

4) Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

It is among one of the ancient lake, is the largest breathtaking mirror sight. It reflects the most during a rainy season, so that satellites could be calibrated through it. It is popular for salt flats. It is expanding over 4086 square miles, located in south- western part of Bolivia. It is usually flat but have islands in between namely, Incahuasi Island which is the real beauty. Underneath the salt range, there it consists of large reservoir of Lithium Rice Brine. Unlike other center of attentions, this place cannot be forgotten quickly. The fact is that water from the surrounding mountains came and it created a giant lake. Another point of information is that earlier, there were two mountains as people Tunupa and Ksuku. They got married to each other, later when Ksuku betrayed his wife and divorced her, Tunupa`s tears formed this giant lake. The lake is clear so that you can see your reflection in it. For discovering the mystical history of Salar De Uyuni, you should pay a visit and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. 

5) Grand Canyon, Arizona

It is located in the USA and marks the center of attention because of its massive size. It is 29 km wide and 1.6 km deep. It is a combination of geologic colors. It is a giant park and a great source of tourism. It was first a forest river, later it become a national monument. The archeological resources states that it comprises of traditional tribes, history ethnic groups, and culture groups were originated and lived here. It is beautiful and unique as it marks 12,000 years old. The park receives almost 5 million visitors a year. It includes a lot of programs, structures and shrine of ages. The nightly evening programs are held here during winters. It is a place where all religious faiths namely Catholic, Jews and Protestants can worship. It comprises of huge cliffs and cutting around the river. The Grand Canyon marks the beauty of the world as it soothes you wherever you look at. If you look around, you`ll feel as if you`re in heaven.

6) Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA

It is the striking slot of Canyon and it is carved by wind and water. The cave or Canyon is spectacular and always crowded. It is the center of attention by huge tourists from all over the world. The most amazing part is that the colors are amazing. The Canyon comprises of the stones and colors which you had never seen before. The pictures clicked here are of huge importance. You`ll be left amazed that such place is existing underground which is entirely different from the upper world. The best time to visit here is in the morning because of the sunshine. Sun strikes differently in every part of the cave. You might have seen it on your computer screens, the reality is even better. For witnessing the beautiful and unique shades, plan your tour now and make it memorable with the immense beauty.

7) The Blue Village, Morocco

Chefchaouen, it is the city in the northern Morocco. It is the chief town of the province, Morocco. It is famous and widely visited and noted because of its blue shaded buildings. It was previously founded as a small fortress by an Islamic reformed Maulana Ali Bin Moussa. The place was used historically for fight with Portuguese invasions of northern Morocco by Mohammad (P.B.U.H). Almost 200 hotels are waiting to cater you with the beauty and culture of Spanish enclave. It is one of the main producer of Cannabis. The place is beautiful and famous for the blue walls. It has several mosques (place to worship) within and a famous mosque Medina which is brightly painted. The place is heavenly crowded and a massive source of attraction because of its atmosphere and beauty. The buildings, the roads, the colorful flowers, ancient antiques and the culture leaves you feel `not to go back`. You`ll surely want to stay therein.

8) Grand Place, Brussels

Small yet beautiful center of attraction, Grand Place is located in the city Brussels. It is a must visit place where you explore the astonishing architecture. Great cafes are enriching the plaza and it is a best combo of café, beer and food. A five-minute walk from Central Station, Grand Place is always crowded and bustling with people. Moreover, you can experience horse carriage ride and the view is amazingly amazing. On Saturdays, wedding parties are also arranged here. It is a small place with everything therein. The hard rock café, Brussels chocolates, Mary & Neuhaus, Brewers, Guild house, Godiva, Starbucks and many more famous stores are located here. It is unique and compelling with remarkable public center. The astonishing fact is that the builder did a wrong architecture in the alignment and soon after the completion of building, he jumped off the building and committed suicide.

9) Paris, France

You all must be aware of the famous places in Paris namely, Eiffel tower, Louvre, Cathedral of Notre Dame etc. You should experience the city of lights with cultural experience. You will experience world class hopping, shopping and dining experience here in France like never before. Paris is the capital of France and is famous for its monuments and attractions. It is loaded with 1,570 hotels with international chains and located close to the major places to visit. The center Paris includes Napoleon`s tomb, Cathedral of Notre and the louvre. The Eiffel tower is located in the left south-west of the center. The other much visited benchmarks are also here in Paris. It`s famous for its hoteling, painting and sculptures and the monuments. The evenings are most beautiful at Paris.

10) Santorini Island, Greece

It is the heaven on the earth, created by combining the islands of Thira, Thirassia, Palea and Nea Kameni. The amazing fact is that it is the only active volcano whose crater is in the sea. Fira is the capital of the Island with many towns located on the cliff. Make your taste buds feel good and experience with the egg plants, the famous tomatoes, fresh goat cheese, caper, some exceptional vines and mouthwatering taste of the island. Let yourself experience the seaside treasure at a volcano cliff and mesmerize yourself with the beauty of the world. Listen to the deep blue sea and experience the most romantic place you`ll ever see. The multi-colored cliffs leave you feel wanted and staying. The white Cycladic houses are different and unique in its own way. The colorful and barely found flowers have its own charm. When are you planning to visit the world`s most beautiful place?



Written by: Alizaay Waseem

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